Untethered #3

Umar Ditta
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Issue #2 left our gang with both the upper hand and out of their depth - they seemed to have won, but they have no idea where they are. With new adversaries and a familiar face on the horizon, it's time for the group to get their bearings, find out what's really going on, and put a proper end all that has happened.

Trust us when we say nothing will be the same after the events that will unfold in Untethered #3...

Untethered #2 is a full colour comic with 28 pages.

Written by Umar Ditta

Artwork by Elliot Balson

Coloured by Mike Maynard

Lettered by Robin Jones

  • Untethered #3 PDF

  • Untethered #3 PDF
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Untethered #3

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